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MISFIT at the AGTA Tucson

Did you find us at the show and still have questions?

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If you're new here, let's get to know each other. In order to purchase Misfit Diamonds and Sapphires, or to see pricing and check out online, you'll need to open an account. But don't worry -- we're here to help. Register for an account at the link below, or have one of our Misfits lend a hand so we can take things to the next level.

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You have questions. We have answers. Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page at the link below.

23116-01 2.31ct 7.99x7.74x5.40mm GIA SI2 H Antique Old Mine Cut 1.jpg__PID:7f787fc3-d66b-4e10-8fbb-d6a29c4b1be7

antique + antique-inspired

0.32ct 5.48x3.95x2.17mm GIA Fancy Green Pear Brilliant 24131-01 1.jpg__PID:eff2037f-787f-43d6-abee-100fbbd6a29c

fancy color

20705-32 1.00ct 6.44x4.73x3.15mm SI1 C6 Cut Corner Rectangle Step Cut 1.jpg__PID:f21dc28c-49b2-4972-a80e-dd8b4f4c0975


23977-01 2.13ct 9.52x6.69x4.57mm Shield Step Cut 1.jpg__PID:d66bee10-0fbb-46a2-9c4b-1be7f70787fd

canadian origin

23838-23 3.02ct 11.17x7.93x3.87mm Oval Rosecut 1.jpg__PID:7fc3d66b-ee10-4fbb-96a2-9c4b1be7f707

salt and pepper

22344-15 2.27ct 14.58x6.43x3.34mm Shield Step Cut 1.jpg__PID:037f787f-c3d6-4bee-900f-bbd6a29c4b1b

opalescent + icy


fancy shape

We’re proud to offer a large collection of reclaimed antique and antique inspired diamonds, as well as Champagne, Fancy Color, Salt and Pepper, and fancy shaped diamonds. Looking for Diamonds with Canadian origin? We have 'em. Prefer a unique shape or cut?  That's our specialty!

Misfit Sapphires Black.png__PID:b85a4d30-2dca-46ee-964e-13588159bb93
23748-01 1.51ct 7.44x5.90x3.89mm Cushion Brilliant Sapphire 1 copy.png__PID:d1a76e91-6356-4c3e-852b-21b4bf53ab39

Montana Sapphires

23817-04 2.41ct 9.76x4.94x4.38mm Cut Corner Rectangle Step Cut Sapphire 1 copy.png__PID:6e916356-fc3e-452b-a1b4-bf53ab3966e0

Australian Sapphires

23536-01 2.99ct 9.61x6.91x5.39mm Oval Brilliant Sapphire 1 copy.png__PID:73d1a76e-9163-46fc-be45-2b21b4bf53ab

Sri Lankan Sapphires

22898-01 1.14ct 9.48x7.38x1.62mm Geometric Shield Portrait Cut Sapphire 1 copy.png__PID:fa73d1a7-6e91-4356-bc3e-452b21b4bf53

Malagasy Sapphires

21581-01 4.05ct 11.55x8.67x3.85mm Oval Cabochon Cut Sapphire 1 copy.png__PID:fafa73d1-a76e-4163-96fc-3e452b21b4bf

Other Origin Sapphires

23815-03 1.98ct 12.15x8.01x4.10mm Kite Step Cut Sapphire 1 copy.png__PID:a76e9163-56fc-4e45-ab21-b4bf53ab3966

Unheated Sapphires

23756-02 0.70ct 6.02x4.23x2.88mm Cut Corner Rectangle Step Cut Sapphire 1 copy.png__PID:0b5d2587-65d0-48a0-971b-8d332aaa0bb1

Heated Sapphires

23806-04 2.22ct 7.46x7.38x5.24mm Round Brilliant Sapphire 1 copy.png__PID:b51e03bb-8223-410a-868c-d3b7d25c8a32

Sapphires Over 1.50ct

24172-04 1.31ct 8.91x5.07x4.07mm Marquise Brilliant Sapphire 2 copy.png__PID:a297acd7-0ec9-4c4b-aaac-d7122280c08d

Sapphires Under 1.50ct

Just like our diamonds, our sapphires are all one of a kind. Available in virtually every color imaginable, we have a huge selection of sapphires coming in numerous cuts and shapes for you to choose from. Searching for a sapphire with origin info? We have sapphires from Australia, Montana, Sri Lanka, and Madagascar.

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